Challenges and potential problems are an ever-present reality and ‘come with the territory’ in the engineering, projects and operations environment. How their likelihood is minimised, and how they are handled when they do occur, is therefore vital in minimising their potential impact and in effectively managing or dealing with the outcomes.

At Engenamic – your ‘go-to’ project, engineering and management ‘troubleshooters and fixers’ – we leverage our team members’ project, engineering and management expertise and experience to support you or your client throughout the project, engineering and operational lifecycle. An independent or ‘third’ party such as Engenamic is typically well placed (indeed, is often best-placed) to objectively address or advise in this respect.

Whilst a proactive approach to minimising and managing project and engineering risks is strongly recommended, we are also able to assist clients in respect of reactive interventions and support to problems and issues that arise during the project, engineering and operational lifecycle. Our value-adding services and support at Engenamic are therefore both proactive and reactive in nature, including for example:

  • Proactive support, through our strategic advisory services, to minimise the likelihood of problems and challenges arising.
  • Reactive support, through assessments and investigations (including forensic engineering and forensic project/operations consulting), as well as remedial advisory and consulting as required.

These services include or support project assessments/reviews and audits, engineering design reviews, procurement process reviews, tender reviews,  project and engineering investigations, due-diligence exercises (projects, engineering and business related), related business process and system reviews and advisory, and similar activities.

You can be confident that, at Engenamic, we will assist you to objectively minimise and manage risks, avoid or minimise potential disputes, troubleshoot and assess actual or potential problem situations, manage/support disputes or claims that may have arisen, provide or assist with independent and impartial investigations as required, and to rectify the situation (remediation) from a project and/or engineering and management perspective.

Our team members can also provide independent and impartial services as adjudicators, expert determiners and mediators, as well as expert forensic consulting and witness services.

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