The current global #COVID-19 pandemic and associated shutdowns and lockdowns are having a massive negative impact on economies globally, and on projects and engineering and industrial operations. Many projects (both ‘conventional’ and public-private partnerships) and engineering/industrial operations are finding themselves in distressed conditions and situations, and the key question is quo vadis – where do we go from here? What could be the ‘smart move’ in the circumstances?

There are reports around the world of projects with contractors and/or the clients declaring force majeure or similar, and there is a growing potential of adversarial/dispute and/or of failure or other undesirable situations and outcomes quickly developing.

Strategically adopting a ‘pragmatic sustainability’ and dispute-avoidance approach and intervention in such distressed project and engineering/industrial operations situations can potentially be advantageous to all parties in seeking to alleviate the distress and ‘rescue’ the situation through more sustainable and mutually beneficial outcomes – that is, seeking the more ‘win-win’ and sustainability types of scenario outcomes.

At Engenamic we advocate strategically adopting and pursuing such a ‘pragmatic sustainability’ dispute-avoidance approach and process in seeking such outcomes, as a preferred option.

This could be your ‘smartest move’!

And, of course, the sooner such a process commences, the better.

Through our ‘troubleshooting & fixing’ advisory services, Engenamic is well placed to assist parties in constructively facilitating and supporting such a ‘pragmatic sustainability’ approach, across a range of application areas/sectors. This includes collaboratively integrating our project, engineering and management expertise with other expertise, such as legal and financial, as may be required by the assignment and situation. Our project exposure and experience includes ‘conventional’ and public-private partnership (PPP) type projects.

We are particularly geared to provide our services (worldwide) in the ‘virtual space’ (as well as the physical space), leveraging technology, and bridging physical, country and time-zone barriers.

With an independent and fresh perspective, our general approach, and an ability to understand and integrate the ‘big picture’ scenario (technically and non-technically), we can objectively facilitate, drive and support the process through this strategic approach to potentially alleviate the distress and ‘rescue’ the project or situation. Indeed, we consider these to be key enabling attributes for Engenamic to successfully support and facilitate this ‘pragmatic sustainability’ approach.

Of course, this preferred outcome (or approach) is not always possible or feasible, and disputes and other adversarial situations can nevertheless arise. Our ‘troubleshooting & fixing’ advisory services are able to support that process as well, in a variety of potential roles.

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Leveraging technology – bridging physical, country and timezone separations – enabling successful engagement!