Troubleshooting & Fixing” has become a strong focus of our project, engineering, operations and management advisory & support services. Over the years, clients of the Engenamic group have benefited from our team’s extensive experience and expertise in both challenging and diverse applications.

Particularly (but not only) relevant in the current global economic situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many projects (both ‘conventional’ and public-private partnerships) and engineering/industrial operations are finding themselves in distressed conditions and situations. Through our ‘troubleshooting & fixing’ advisory services, we are well placed to assist parties in constructively facilitating and supporting a pragmatic sustainability and dispute-avoidance approach and intervention seeking to alleviate the distress and ‘rescue’ the situation – seeking the more ‘win-win’ and sustainable types of scenario outcomes.

Of course, this preferred outcome (or approach) is not always possible or feasible, and disputes and other adversarial situations can nevertheless arise. Our ‘troubleshooting & fixing’ advisory services are able to support that process as well, in a variety of potential roles.

Our ‘troubleshooting & fixing’ services include:

We are well-versed in both the conventional and PPP (including IPP) project spaces, particularly (but not only) in technology-oriented projects (contentiously and non-contentiously). We advocate broad-based viability, sustainability, resilience and dispute-avoidance approaches.

We leverage our team members’ project, engineering and management expertise and experience to support your business, project and engineering activities throughout the project and engineering lifecycle.

We are particularly geared to operate not only in the physical space but in the ‘virtual space‘, including through the use of video and audio conferencing and other online and technology tools – and our advisory/consulting services (including ‘troubleshooting & fixing’ advisory & support) are well suited to this model.
Leveraging technology – bridging physical, country and timezone separations – enabling successful engagement!

When you need us, where you need us, how you need us!

These services are provided to multidisciplinary and sector specific projects and applications. They are also provided in respect of our specialist services.