At Engenamic, we offer both dispute avoidance and dispute resolution support – internationally, worldwide.

We are well-versed in both the conventional and PPP project spaces, particularly (but not only) in technology-oriented projects (contentiously and non-contentiously). We advocate broad-based viability, sustainability, resilience and dispute-avoidance approaches.

We/our team members are also available for nomination internationally as an independent, objective and impartial party as a conciliator, mediator, adjudicator, expert determiner or arbitrator, and on standing or ad hoc dispute avoidance/adjudication boards (such as DABs and DAABs) or other dispute avoidance/resolution panels.

And – do you need support in the conduct and running/management of inquiries, hearings and inquests? Speak to us.

Dispute Resolution | Remediation

We support the resolution of disputes, claims, problems and issues – as well as offer remediation (and further dispute avoidance) support.

Whilst a proactive approach to minimising and managing project and engineering risks is strongly recommended, we are able to assist clients in respect of reactive interventions and support to problems, disputes and issues that arise during the project, engineering and operational lifecycle.

We provide independent and objective forensic engineering and project forensic consulting services, as well as expert witness and expert consultant/advisor services. In addition, we offer remedial engineering and project support and consulting on both a technical/engineering, engineering management and project management basis.

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Dispute Avoidance

We provide support to avoid disputes and problems arising in the first place.

We also provide independent and objective advisory support to projects (both ‘conventional’ and public-private partnerships) and engineering/industrial operations that find themselves in distressed conditions and situations. This includes assisting and supporting the parties, through a sustainability and dispute-avoidance approach and intervention, to potentially seek to alleviate the distress and ‘rescue’ the situation through sustainable and mutually beneficial outcomes – that is, seeking the more ‘win-win’ and sustainability types of scenario outcomes.

The old adage “prevention is better than cure” is particularly true in the projects and engineering environment. In this context, the avoidance of disputes and problems is generally a preferable strategy to dispute resolution.

Avoidance of project and engineering disputes and problems however requires a structured, systematic and proactive approach to be implemented, preferably from the outset (“front-end loaded”). Appropriate actions, behaviour and mindsets are key to enabling this, and hence to enabling project and engineering success.

Successful project and engineering outcomes don’t just happen. They are the result, inter alia, of a well-orchestrated implementation and management plan executed in a proactive manner.

At Engenamic we can enable your project and engineering success, through applying our strategic project and engineering advisory capabilities (including systems engineering and project & engineering management), as well as our project and engineering advisory and support capabilities.

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We are particularly geared to operate not only in the physical space but in the ‘virtual space‘, including through the use of video and audio conferencing and other online and technology tools – and our advisory/consulting services are well suited to this model.
Leveraging technology – bridging physical, country and timezone separations – enabling successful engagement!