‘Troubleshooters & fixers’

Our engineering support, forensic engineering and remedial engineering services leverage our team members’ project and engineering expertise and experience to support your business, project and engineering activities throughout the project and engineering lifecycle.

Our engineering support, forensic engineering and remedial engineering services include:

  • Technology and engineering assessments, audits, investigations and reviews, including design reviews, and/or management and coordination thereof.
  • Forensic engineering and remedial engineering, including:
    • Independent forensic technical/engineering audits, assessments and investigations.
    • Investigation of operational and/or performance issues and problems, failures, damage and claims.
    • Investigation of accidents, injuries and other incidents (such as, for example, plant/equipment/infrastructure failures and issues, electrical fires, SHEQ-related incidents and issues, lightning safety & lightning protection).
    • Expert witness and expert consultant/advisor services.
    • Engineering support to processes such as due-diligence exercises, project and other reviews, hearings, inquiries and inquests, litigation and dispute resolution.
    • Project management and/or engineering consulting in respect of remedial or replacement infrastructure, systems and/or other solutions, including specification and design as required.
    • Independent assessment or review of work done.
  • Engineering design & associated documentation (broad-based and also including in specialist technical areas).
  • General engineering assessment, problem solving, investigation and advisory consulting.
  • Operational and technical support services.

We/our team members are also available for nomination as an independent and objective party as a conciliator, mediator or adjudicator, and on dispute adjudication boards (such as DABs/DAABs) or other dispute resolution panels. Read more about our dispute avoidance and dispute resolution services.

Our related services also include project support services including project forensic and project remedial consulting.

Find out more about our applications areas/sectors. Multidisciplinary project and engineering expertise available within our team includes:

  • Engineering management
  • Project management
  • Supply-chain & procurement
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Information/software engineering (including ICT)
  • Specialist engineering including lightning safety & lightning protection, industrial EMC, high voltage and RF engineering
  • Structures (including concrete, steel, welding)
  • Mechanical and industrial engineering

Our services are supported by association with specialist advisors and consultants (such as commercial, legal and technical).