Our competencies and capabilities at Engenamic are well-suited to Owner’s Engineer and Lender’s Technical/Project Advisor roles – on ‘conventional’ or PPP (including IPP) projects.

We are able to augment the owners’  or lenders’ capabilities:

– whether in more limited or narrowly defined roles such as management, engineering or project advisory, reviews, audits and assessments, due-diligence support, ‘troubleshooting & fixing’ or the like;

– or as a full-scale extension of the owner’s or lender’s capability, involved in all aspects of a project throughout the project life-cycle.

Whether we provide this value on our own or as part of a broader owner’s or lender’s engineering/project team, you too can benefit from our Engenamic team’s extensive experience and expertise in both challenging and diverse applications – and the fact that we will always tell it like it is!

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Enabling project and engineering success.

More about our differentiating value proposition…

Through our particular complementary combination of engineering and project advisory and support competencies, and with a hands-on boutique advisory and support offering and approach, we understand the detail and the ‘big picture’ – technical and non-technical – and how a holistic and coherent approach across all of these is key to engineering, operations and project success.

Through our insights and capabilities developed both at the ‘front-end’, and through ‘troubleshooting and fixing’, we are well positioned to add particular complementary and supplementary value to clients’ activities, in particular in the management, engineering, technology, operations and project spaces. These also include circumstances where an independent and objective third-party perspective and insight could be especially appropriate and/or valuable.

We are well-versed in both the conventional and PPP project spaces, particularly (but not only) in technology-oriented projects (contentiously and non-contentiously). We advocate broad-based viability, sustainability, resilience and dispute-avoidance approaches.

In summary, our key differentiating value proposition at Engenamic lies in the application, particularly to ‘complex’ environments and applications, of our broad-based ‘know-how’ and approach, and our particular complementary combination of engineering, management and project advisory, ‘troubleshooting & fixing’ and support competencies (in our core team and supplemented by additional and specialist resources as required).

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