As troubleshooters and fixers we invite you to engage with us to assist you to address your project challenges throughout the project life-cycle, through our advisory/consulting, support and forensic services.

Whether the challenge is positive in nature, such as taking on a project, operation or company, or a proactive approach aimed at avoiding problems or disputes, or whether the challenge is addressing actual or potential problems and issues, an objective and independent (or “outsider”) approach or perspective can be invaluable.

Our multidisciplinary project support and project management consulting and advisory services are multifaceted and are aimed at supporting project challenges at all points in the project life-cycle. This includes operational and technical support challenges. Our advisory and support consulting services will complement and supplement your own capabilities and capacity.

Our professional services include project forensic consulting, assessments and reviews (including project due diligence exercises), as well as remedial, dispute resolution and avoidance, and general support and advisory consulting. Our related services also include forensic engineering and remedial engineering.

Our project expertise and experience includes conventionally structured projects as well as public-private partnership (PPP) type projects.

We are able to assist our clients with:

  • Project assessments, reviews, audits and investigations, including project due diligence and project forensic investigations and assessments.
  • Project remedial consulting and management (often best addressed or overseen by an objective and independent party).
  • Project management (including programme management) and implementation planning and co-ordination (including oversight and support to client’s own/internal teams and contractors as appropriate).
  • Supply chain management/procurement management.
  • Risk assessment and risk management (including project, operational and engineering risks).
  • Change management.
  • Contract management, contract administration, project administration.
  • Proactive project problem and dispute avoidance and remediation consulting. Potential disputes can be related to project management, contractual, commercial and technical/engineering issues.
  • Support to claims and dispute resolution actions.

We/our team members are also available for nomination as an independent and objective party as a conciliator, mediator or adjudicator, and on dispute adjudication boards (DABs) or other dispute resolution panels.

Multidisciplinary project and engineering expertise available within our team includes:

  • Project management
  • Engineering management
  • Supply chain management/procurement management
  • Contract management, contract administration, project administration
  • Electrical and electronic engineering
  • Information/software engineering (including ICT)
  • Specialist engineering including lightning safety & protection, industrial EMC
  • Structures (including concrete, steel, welding)
  • Mechanical and industrial engineering

Our services are supported by association with specialist advisors and consultants (such as commercial, legal and technical).