Our project and engineering strategic consulting, advisory and management services are provided to multidisciplinary and sector specific projects and engineering activities and operations, as well as in respect of our specialist services. They can be provided across the project and engineering life-cycle, or focused on particular issues, challenges or problems that may be encountered at particular stages.

We also leverage our available skills and expertise to provide comprehensive and holistic project development services.

Specific experience and expertise is available in respect of conventionally structured projects as well as public-private partnership (PPP) type projects.

Our services include:

We are of the firm opinion that an effective, holistic and structured systems engineering approach is a key success factor in effectively structuring and implementing engineering projects, such as those involving infrastructure and systems, and in particular those that are complex in nature (technically & non-technically). Complex projects include those in the “technology-based” arena, such as the application sectors mentioned above.

We are able to blend our people’s expertise and experience in engineering management, systems engineering and project engineering into our project and engineering consulting and advisory services, to provide our clients with a unique holistic perspective to the projects we are involved in.

Our multidisciplinary  systems engineering and project engineering services are provided across the engineering life-cycle, from requirements analysis through conceptual and detailed designs, to implementation and commissioning and ongoing life-cycle support. They include engineering management services.