In addition and complementary to our more broad-based services and our multi-disciplinary services, Engenamic also provides particular niched specialist solutions and services.

Aligned with, and complementary to, our broader electrical and electronic engineering expertise and capabilities, the particular specialist service areas listed below focus on various niched specialist areas within that discipline:

We address and resolve engineering requirements, problems and challenges, and assist clients in objective assessments and analyses of events that occurred (and potential remediation).

These specialist and niched professional solutions and services we provide complement our more broad-based and multi-disciplinary services and include, for example:

  • Engineering Audits, Assessments, Due-diligence, Investigations and Solutions
  • Lightning Safety  and Lightning Protection Reviews/Audits, Strategies & Plans
  • EMC management, including EMC control plans
  • Project Engineering and Management support
  • Forensic & Remedial Engineering
  • Mediation and adjudication
  • Expert witness/expert consultant
  • Operational & Technical Support

Our teams include internationally recognised experts, and our team members have experience of complex application environments, as well as those with hazardous locations and with particular exposure risks, challenges and constraints. Our team members’ international application and industry area experience in these specialist focus areas is wide-ranging and includes electrical/energy infrastructure, mining, communications, oil & gas & petrochemical plants, aviation systems, airport infrastructure, information technology, control systems and rooms, general industrial and commercial infrastructure and systems.

Our team members are also actively involved in research programmes and are regular contributors to knowledge development through publications, conferences, as well as lectures, seminars and similar training.