Engenamic offer specialist-area project, engineering and management advisory/consulting services (including forensic engineering), as well as dispute support (including claims support, mediation and adjudication), in respect of high voltage applications, systems and infrastructure, internationally on a worldwide basis.

These specialist-area services complement our broad-based strategic advisory and ‘troubleshooting & fixing’ and support capabilities and services.

We uniquely combine our broad-based and high-level strategic advisory expertise and experience in projects, management and engineering with particular insights and capabilities gained through our forensic, dispute-related and remedial advisory experience.
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Our services complement, supplement and support the existing and available capabilities and expertise in utilities, operators, consulting engineers, contractors and suppliers.

Our high voltage engineering consulting and advisory service application areas include power systems and related aspects and issues, including those related to distribution and transmission systems and infrastructure. This includes aspects pertaining to earthing, protection and system design, including insulation coordination and lightning protection of substations and networks.

We also have access to high voltage testing facilities to support and complement our consulting and advisory services.