Effective earthing and grounding/bonding is a key aspect and component of industrial electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).

This includes earthing and grounding/bonding in the contexts of both power frequencies as well as at higher frequencies (including transient effects).

In the case of electrical systems and infrastructure, power frequency earthing and grounding/bonding is critical in respect of safety and the effective operation of systems and protection.

Higher frequencies (including transient effects), are typically associated, for example, with electromagnetic interference (EMI) and with other transient phenomena (such as lightning). At these higher frequencies, effective earthing and grounding/bounding plays a critical role in system performance as well as in respect of safety and protection of people and of infrastructure, plant, systems and equipment.

The increased sensitivity of modern and interconnected infrastructure and systems presents particular challenges in respect of earthing and grounding/bonding. This is particularly challenging in the case of legacy approaches and implementations, and effective transition and change management.

At Engenamic, our particular capabilities and expertise allow us to consider these aspects coherently and holistically within the contexts of Industrial EMC and of modern infrastructure and systems, and of effective and sustainable solutions.

Our advisory and consulting services include not only the technical engineering aspects associated with earthing and grounding/bonding  but also engineering management and important aspects such as transition and change management (including, for example, updating of internal specifications/standards and engineering and maintenance procedures, as well as facilitation and training).

We offer our services in a collaborative and facilitative manner – which includes managing and facilitating such a holistic and coherent approach (including when related to assessments and investigations) in collaboration with (and indeed complementing) the client’s own expertise/capabilities and/or with that of specialist consultants/contractors (such as EM measurement and earthing analysis specialists).