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Engenamic provides expert specialist and professional engineering expertise and solutions, and associated advisory and consulting services, in lightning safety and lightning protection – internationally, worldwide.

Why us? What sets us apart?
A unique combination and level of technical expertise, qualifications, experience and know-how.
With a team that includes internationally recognised expertise and leadership in this field.

Objectives and Approach

The objective of lightning safety and lightning protection systems is to comprehensively protect humans, animals, communities, structures, infrastructure, systems and equipment against the dangerous and damaging effects of lightning.

Our strategic approach and structured methodology takes account  of all critical issues in an integrated, coherent, systematic and holistic manner, including risk and technical assessment, design and documentation, maintenance planning, implementation, change management, and training and awareness. Through this approach, we also consider the broader application, project, operational and organisational risk environment.

This integrated, coherent, systematic and holistic engineering approach is essential to assess, design, implement and maintain effective lightning safety and lightning protection solutions.

Application sectors

We have a particular competence in complex applications as well as applications with high safety, operational and/or system risks. These include, for example, applications pertaining to:

  • Airport and aviation infrastructure and systems
  • Communications infrastructure and system
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Mining infrastructure
  • Information technology (IT/ICT) infrastructure and systems
  • Power and energy systems and infrastructure
  • Industrial infrastructure and systems
  • Hazardous locations

We can also assist with general industrial and commercial applications, as well as with lightning safety and lightning protection applications for persons (and other living beings) in potentially exposed situations such as sporting, leisure, agricultural, mining, and other outdoor activities and facilities, and rural communities.

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Expert professional solutions & services

Our solutions and services include:

  • Advisory & support
    • Site and risk assessments (on new or existing sites and applications).
    • Safety and safety system audits
    • Lightning protection audits
    • Design of appropriate safety and protection strategies,  policies, systems and plans, integrated with other organisational, operational and site policies, systems, plans.
      • These include safety and protection strategies, policies and designs for the outdoor and particularly exposed environment (such as rural communities, sports complexes, agricultural applications, exposed mining, industrial and aviation applications)
    • Design of new, extended or remedial engineering and project interventions
    • Lightning detection and lightning warning systems, appropriately integrated into safety plans.
    • Implementation, operational and technical support.
    • Knowledge transfer, including through in-house and public learning opportunities.
  • ‘Troubleshooting & fixing’
    • Design of new, extended or remedial engineering interventions
    • Problem investigations on existing or operational sites and plants
    • Forensic engineering services
    • Past event and incident history reviews
    • Support in respect of inquiries, inquests and safety reviews
  • Our services also include dispute support. This includes services as:
    • Expert consultants & expert witnesses
    • Claims support
    • Acting as adjudicator, expert determiner, mediator or conciliator
    • Serving on dispute avoidance/adjudication boards or panels