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Enabling project and
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About Us

About Us

Strategic advisors, developers, and “troubleshooters & fixers”  – enabling project & engineering success. The smart choice!

Geared to provide our services in the ‘virtual space’ (and the ‘physical space’), we leverage technology and bridge physical, country and time-zone barriers for successful engagement!

Proactively and/or reactively supporting our clients.

Internationally, worldwide.

Our Approach

In these globally challenging times in the engineering and project arena, who wouldn’t benefit from some further “grey hair in the room”?

We uniquely combine our broad-based and high-level strategic advisory expertise and experience in projects, management and engineering with particular insights and capabilities gained through our forensic, dispute-related and remedial advisory experience.

Services/Capabilities Overview

Services/Capabilities Overview

Professional multidisciplinary advisory and “troubleshooting & fixing” services.

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Our dispute-related services include dispute avoidance advisory, facilitation and support, remedial advisory, expert services, and appointment as conciliator, mediator, expert determiner, adjudicator or arbitrator.

Proven expertise and support. When you need it, where you need it, how you need it!