Services Overview

We uniquely combine and leverage our broad-based and high-level strategic advisory expertise and experience in projects, management, engineering, operations and public-private-partnerships with particular insights and capabilities gained through our forensic, dispute-related and remedial advisory experience.

Our multidisciplinary and broad-based advisory services support private and public sector clients, complementing and supplementing their own capabilities and capacities.

Our services can be provided through or across the project, engineering and operations lifecycle and value-chain, or can be focused on particular issues, challenges or problems that may be encountered at particular stages or times.

This includes opportunities or circumstances where bringing an independent and objective third-party perspective and insight can be particularly beneficial.

Our services are supported by association with specialist advisors and consultants (including commercial, legal and technical).

Strategic Advisory & Management

Projects, Engineering, Operations, Management | Public-Private Partnerships

Strategic Project, Engineering, Operations and Management Advisory and Support Services

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Strategic Advisory and Support (to the private & public sector, including investors & lenders (funders))

Project Direction (Director)

Engineering Direction (Director)

Project, PPP and Engineering strategy, conceptualisation, investigation, structuring, development & management Advisory and Support

Project, PPP, Engineering & other Studies & Study Support (including feasibility and pre-feasibility studies)

Systems Engineering Advisory

Governance / SESG Advisory

Independent Assessments, Audits, Reviews, ‘Reality-checks’, Oversight, Monitoring, Facilitation

Due-diligence Support

Risk Assessment & Management Support

Bid/Tender Management/Support

Dispute Avoidance Advisory

Dispute Avoidance/Adjudication Board member (DAAB/DAB)

Troubleshooting & Fixing

Projects, Engineering, Operations, Management | Public-Private Partnerships

Independent Audits, Reviews, Assessments, ‘Reality-checks’, Investigations, Claims Support & Advisory, Management Advisory

Forensic Engineering and Engineering Support Advisory

Project, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and Operations Forensics and Support Advisory

Project Recovery & “Rescue” Advisory /  Remedial Advisory 

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Recovery & “Rescue” Advisory /  Remedial Advisory

Engineering & Operations Remedial Advisory

Dispute Avoidance Advisory

Dispute Avoidance/ Adjudication Board member (DAAB/DAB)

Dispute Resolution Support including Expert Advisory

Dispute Resolution, as Adjudicator, Arbitrator, Expert Determiner, Mediator or Conciliator