Our advisory services are offered to a range of client and application sectors – nationally, internationally, worldwide.

These include multidisciplinary and sector specific projects and engineering activities and operations, including public-private partnerships.

Our key differentiating value proposition at Engenamic lies in the application – particularly to ‘complex’ environments, scenarios and applications – of our broad-based ‘know-how’ and our particular complementary combination of engineering, management and project advisory, ‘troubleshooting & fixing’ and support competencies.

Client Sectors

Our multidisciplinary and broad-based advisory services support private and public sector clients, complementing and supplementing their own capabilities and capacities.

Our independent and objective approach and perspective offers particular value to our clients – whether the objective is proactively advising on projects, engineering, operations or broader business issues, or the challenge of addressing actual or potential problems or issues.

Our Client Sectors include:

Project Owners and Developers

Infrastructure Owners and Operators

Industrial and Commercial Owners and Operators

Contractors and Consultants, including

      • Construction/execution contractors
      • Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) contractors
      • Design & Construct (D&C) contractors
      • Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management (EPCM) contractors
      • Consulting Houses

Lenders and Investors


Legal Advisors (and their clients)

Public-Private Partnerships
(private and public sector)

In addition to offering our Strategic Advisory and ‘Troubleshooting and Fixing’ services on a broad basis in our Client Sectors, we are also able to fully or partially fulfil particular roles, depending in client requirements, such as

Owner’s Engineer/Advisor
Lender’s Technical/Project Advisor
Insurer’s Engineering/Project Advisor
Contractor’s Engineering/Project Advisor

Application Sectors

With a particular focus on complex (including technology-intensive) projects, infrastructure, plants, systems, operations and applications – and including public-private partnerships – our application sectors include:

Energy, across all sectors including

  • Renewable Energy (and its integration)
  • Other Energy Generation,Transmission, Distribution
  • Hydrogen-economy
  • Oil & Gas/Petrochemicals


Aviation (infrastructure & systems)

Transport and logistics

Public Private Partnerships

Our strategic advisory and ‘troubleshooting & fixing’ services are offered to both the public and private sector, including investors & lenders (funders), in the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arena.

Our PPP Advisory and Support services include:

Private sector clients:

PPP/Project Structuring, Execution/Implementation and Management Strategy Advisory and Support

Bid Advisory & Support

Due-diligence and Risk Management Support

Advisory & Support to

  • Investor, Lender (Funders) , Partner and Alliance related activities
  • Management, Project, Engineering/Technical, S/ESG, Financing and Contracting aspects

Owners’/Developers’ Project/Technical Advisor

‘Troubleshooting & Fixing’ – in the planning/structuring, bidding, execution, operational or close out stages

Investors and Lenders (Funders):

Lenders Technical/Project Advisor

Investors Technical/Project Advisor

General and broad-based independent due-diligence and funding activity support

Public sector clients:

Procurement and PPP Strategy Advisory

Capacity-building Support

PPP/Project Visioning and Development Advisory & Support, including through Definition, Feasibility, Structuring and Transaction stages.

Risk Management Support

Management and Monitoring Support including Key Performance Indicator (KPI) management support

‘Troubleshooting & Fixing’ – in the preparation, implementation, operational or close out stages