At Engenamic, we provide niched and high-value services to our clients, which are offered “where our clients need us” – internationally, on a worldwide basis.

Complementing our strategic advisory services and development/development-support services and activities, “troubleshooting & fixing” has become a strong focus of our project, engineering, operations and management advisory & support services.

Troubleshooting & fixing” includes forensic & remedial advisory/consulting services as well as dispute-related support and services.

Over the years, clients of the Engenamic group have benefited from our team’s extensive experience and expertise in both challenging and diverse applications.

What do we do?

We work closely with our clients, through a collaborative approach and outlook, to complement and supplement their capabilities and teams, whilst also offering the benefits of an objective and independent perspective.

Using our broad-based and high-level expertise and experience in projects, management and engineering, as well as the particular insights and capabilities gained through our forensic, dispute-related and remedial advisory experience, we provide both proactive and reactive support for our clients’ requirements and challenges.

And when our role requires independence and objectivity (such as an independent advisor/expert or in an adjudicator, expert determinator or mediator role), we absolutely understand and rigorously apply that too – without “fear or favour” and independent of particular party’s interests.