Operational Readiness for projects and PPPs – the lifecycle systems engineering approach

Whether it’s an energy, mining/resources, industrial, infrastructure or other application sector project or Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Operational Readiness is a critical part of enabling and ensuring the transition from project/PPP planning and execution into operations (and maintenance) – and enabling effective and successful achievement of the project or PPP objectives through a lifecycle systems engineering approach.

At its essence, Operational Readiness (and the associated activities and efforts) is about being proactive and forward-thinking, and about a holistic, broad-based and coherent approach across technical and non-technical aspects of the project and operations (including maintenance). It is therefore important – indeed imperative – that a lifecycle and systems engineering approach be adopted right from the outset of a project or PPP and not just later in the execution phase, to effectively enable and achieve Operational (including Maintenance) Readiness, and to effectively and successfully achieve the project or PPP objectives.

In terms of such a systems engineering and lifecycle approach, the operational (including maintenance) requirements should be comprehensively established and clearly defined early-on in the initial definition phase of a project or PPP. Key aspects of the operational requirements include not only functional, process, usability/operability, performance, commercial and similar requirements, but other key aspects such as maintenance and maintainability – and situational awareness and risk management relating to all of those.

This then forms a key-requirements input into the subsequent design & specification and execution phases and processes of the project or PPP. Not only does this then form a reference baseline for operational readiness activities, but also a key and clear reference baseline for the design & specification phase of the project (and including designing for operability and maintainability in a broad sense) – and hence for effectively and successfully achieving the full lifecycle project or PPP objectives.

Such a lifecycle and systems engineering approach aligns with a well-known maxim that the earlier that aspects and issues are considered and addressed in a project or PPP lifecycle, the easier it is to address or implement them (including making changes) and the lesser the implications (such as time and cost and other consequential implications) to do so.

Key Operational (including Maintenance) Readiness aspects that are typically common across projects and PPPs in energy, mining/resources, industrial, infrastructure or other engineering-related application sectors include, for example:

  • People and People-related Readiness
  • Processes and Procedures Readiness
  • Technical Readiness
  • Regulatory Readiness
  • Back-end Support Systems and Infrastructure Readiness
  • Risk Management

Clearly, effective Operational Readiness requires a holistic and broad-based approach across technical and non-technical aspects – all coherently aligned within a lifecycle perspective.

Our team at Engenamic is well-versed in and advocates a lifecycle systems engineering approach to projects and PPPs, including the Operational Readiness aspects.

As independent third-party advisors, and also leveraging our Strategic Advisory and ‘Troubleshooting & Fixing’ competencies, we can significantly improve the effectiveness of clients’ Operational Readiness exercises across the project and PPP lifecycle (even where our involvement only commences later and where a full lifecycle approach has not been taken) – and hence make a significant contribution towards achieving project and PPP objectives.


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