Effectively manage lightning risks for complex applications

“What do airports, mines, power generation plants (including renewables) and power infrastructure, communications/data infrastructure and large industrial plants like oil & gas have in common? They are all particularly exposed and vulnerable to the effects of lightning, and the consequences can be particularly severe.”

According to Engenamic, with their team’s leading specialist professional engineering expertise in the field of lightning safety and lightning protection, there are particular general characteristics of such sites and applications that contribute to this vulnerability and exposure.

In particular, they present complex site and application environments from a variety of aspects (not just technical) – and this complexity impacts directly on the broad-based risks and engineering (and other) management challenges associated with lightning safety and lightning protection.

These complexities also mean that a holistic, sound and systematic engineering approach is required, that goes beyond a simplistic application of standards.

Consequently, Engenamic advise that effective management of these risks requires that solutions are comprehensively engineered and managed through an appropriate and systems engineering approach using appropriate professional expertise.