South African government gazettes R340bn infrastructure projects

The South African government gazetted a list of Strategic Integrated Projects (SIPs) on 24 July 2020.

The programmes and projects covered per the gazette include water and sanitation (11), energy (3), transport (15), digital infrastructure (1), agriculture and agro-processing (2), human settlements (18), rural bridges (“Welisizwe” programme), rural roads upgrade programme, solar water programme, and various others.

These reportedly have a value of R340bn, with roughly 50 strategic infrastructure projects and 12 special projects, and a reported potential to create 290000 jobs.

Reportedly, “of the R340-billion price tag, just R1.7-billion will come from the fiscus, while the balance has been secured from private-sector banks and development finance organisations. The necessary sovereign guarantees and approvals for increased borrowing have been secured, and funding has been agreed with private-sector banks and development organisations…”[1]

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Download the gazette here.

Reference: [1] Daily Maverick, 28 July 2020